Saturday, January 01, 2011

When is the best time to make New Year resolutions?

A new year is full of exciting disasters and potential calamities and is a great time to make resolutions. But, you need to be careful just as you want to avoid making promises that you cannot keep to your customers (unless you are an elected body, or a financial institution, or any type of service organisation) you want to avoid making bold resolutions that are doomed to fail.

With this piece of information in mind the best time to make a resolution is when you have all the facts in hand. Since the New Year is full of the unknown it is best to make the resolutions at the end of the year. Which of course leads to the dilemma how can you keep your resolutions if you only make them at the end of the year?

So, with this in mind it's ok to make resolutions at the beginning of the year, but  since we are dealing with the unknown it's best to make them vague. Here's a list of suggestions for New Year resolutions:

  1. I will do something this year.
  2. I will stop doing something this year.
  3. I will think about doing something this year.
  4. I will stop thinking about doing something this year.

Governments over time have adopted these four cornerstones of successful resolutions (albeit with slightly more embellished words).

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Anonymous said...

This makes a lot of sense. LOL.