Friday, April 22, 2011

Optimum Route

Are you in a rush? Do you need to get from place A to B in the most efficient and optimal manner possible? Scientists have improved the current satellite navigation systems and journey planners to optimise our route and give us more valuable time to watch reality programs.

Scientists have observed that ants tend to find the shortest distance between their nest and a bowl of sugar. They have attached the smallest GPS enabled cell phones to ants and have placed nests and bowls of suger at strategic locations (for example a nest at a train station and a bowl of sugar at a place of interest). They have then been able to map the ants optimum location thanks to the magic of GPS and have been able to update the journey planners with the best route. 

It works. Although sometimes the optimum route requires passes through cracks in walls and occasionally ends up in the wrong place if there is a larger bowl of sugar available.

The new routes are becoming available on various journey planners soon.

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