Thursday, November 17, 2011

Remembering Things

Yesterday I brought some cheese from a really expensive cheese shop in London. We are lucky in London as we have really expensive shops for many things. Even the reasonably priced shops become ridiculously priced shops when they open in London. 

Anyway, that is progress and not the purpose of this note.

I put the cheese into the fridge at work and then promptly forgot to bring it home in the evening. I have now written a note to myself and put it on my computer to remind myself. However, I have written many notes in the past to myself (things like 'fix the economy' and 'print more bank notes'), but I always tend to forget what they were about after maybe 10 mins. So, I am looking for ways to remind myself such that I know what I am meant to do. 

Once I figure that out I will be able to look at fixing the economy and putting the country back on an even keel.

Now, this sticky note says 'investigate deplorable jobless figures' I wonder what I was meant to do about this one...

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