Friday, April 06, 2012

Holes and Air

Holes are critical to life. It's a fact. If you live in a large multi-cultural city like Bognor or smaller villages such as London you will have noticed that there are rather a lot of holes in the street that appear to be abandoned. Some of them have water spouting from them, or gas, or fire. In the small village where I live I have talked to the Council Scientists about this. They have told me that these holes are not Council or utlitities negligence, but are a critical part of modern life. They have told me that in order for a village or city to live and thrive it needs a certain number of holes. These holes allow the place to breathe. 

They told me that the number of holes goes roughly as 1:10 for every tax-paying citizen in that locale. Without these holes the environment would quickly shrivel-up and die. They told me that it costs a lot of money to dig these holes and keep them and even more money to compensate people, cars and animals that fall into them. 

So, next time you see what appears to be a neglected hole ignore it as it has a very specific function.

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