Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phone me. Please!

I fly a bit and have noticed a strange pattern. As soon as we land and have driven up to our gate and the seat-belt sign has gone off almost everyone gets their cell phone out and starts to text or call someone.

Why? Who are they calling? 

In order to answer these questions I have taken lots of flights on many different airlines and have come to the following logical conclusions:

1) The airlines with the worst record for anything have the largest number of people calling. It seems that most people are notifying their next-of-kin or their lawyers that they have arrived, thanks be to God, and it looks like the right location and please can they not inform the police that they have expired. 

2) The airlines with the best record for anything have the smallest number of people calling. This is usually because the people fly these fantastic airlines in order to escape. They don't want to inform people they have arrived just yet so they can have a little more time away from more pressing matters.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Maybe they are phoning the press to say they were just on a flight with you? ;-)