Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New Voting System

I have been thinking about the voting system. Currently, it's terrible. The poor politicians every few years go out to the country to show how popular and well known they are and how good their teeth are and every few years only 5-10 people and a few dogs vote for them. This is very distressing.

I believe that a much better and fairer voting system would entail putting the candidates in a big hall (just like the hall you sat in when you did your exams) and give them a large stack of voting paper. Then, they must fill in as many voting papers and vote for the best candidate for the position (which could be themselves). They must fill in as many votes as possible in 5hours.

The one that fills in the most votes wins. 

Of course, it's important that the voting be representative which means that every hour the environment in which the candidate is sitting must change. One hour a sun-lamp is brought in and the candidate toils under the glare of the sun-lamp. The next hour a person pours buckets of water over the candidate, another would be placing the candidate in a refrigerator, a penultimate would see the candidate working under the force of a wind generator and the last would see the candidate voting in total darkness.

This system would be fair and we would know that our candidate can not only write a lot, but is hardy to all weather climates.

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